Challenge Yourself With 30 Different Books This Year

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If you don’t already know this about me, you should know that I love to read!  In fact, I think that was what jumpstarted this blog.  Reading can absolutely help you achieve goals and be productive, and a book challenge is a way to go! If you don’t believe me, check out this post about why you should set a reading goal for the year! I love to sit down with good books on my Kindle and learn something new or be transported to another world.

One of the harder things, I think, is to find books I enjoy.  I read once though, that you shouldn’t keep reading a book if you hate it.  There was this one book for a book club that I was reading, and I fully admit that it was horrible.  I was a quarter of the way in and I still had absolutely no idea what was happening.  It was horrible.  I never finished it.  I will never go back and finish it because I don’t want to.  Don’t force yourself to finish a book if you grab a read that you end up not liking.

At the same time, you CAN branch out.  Try new things with reading.  Go to the library and browse the different sections. One of my favorite places is Goodreads because you can set reading goals and link up with friends. They have an awesome interface that allows you to learn about different books you might want to read. Goodreads has its own book challenge or reading challenge section that you can use to help you achieve your reading goals.

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What Type of Book Will You Choose First From This Book Challenge?

In this next section, I’m going to list out some great different categories for you to find some fun new reads for this year. Even if you don’t complete all 30, these are a way for you to branch out.

  • A book in a new genre for you.
  • Find a book written by a woman. (Check out Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander Series!)
  • A book from the year you were born.
  • Read a non-fiction book about your field of work.
  • Read a book by an author who has passed away. (One of my all time favorites is Michael Crichton)
  • Find a book by an author that is of a different race than yourself.
  • Is there a book whose title makes you uncomfortable?  Read it.
  • A book that is over 600 pages.
  • Listen to an audiobook.
  • Get a book recommendation from your local library.
  • Read a book by your favorite author.
  • Find a book that you don’t like the cover of.
  • Read a book that you read in high school. (I reread Fahrenheit 451 in 2021… that was interesting to read now.)
  • Read a book from the bestsellers list that week.
  • Is there a topic you’ve wanted to learn about? Find a book about it.
  • Read a young adult fiction book. (A great list to check out for this is the Rebecca Caudill list.)
  • Find a memoir or autobiography. (I loved Between the World and Me by Coates)
  • Read a book from a black author.
  • A classic novel.
  • A book set in the future.
  • Find something in historical fiction.
  • Read a book published this year.
  • Read a series. (Hello Harry Potter… Percy Jackson… and a million others)
  • Have you tried a graphic novel yet?
  • Find a volume of poetry.
  • Read a book that is a collection of essays by an author.
  • Find a book set in your home state or area.
  • Several books are made into movies.  Find the book that inspired a favorite movie of yours.
  • Read a book from the self-help section on a topic that interests you. (My go-to for this is still David Allen’s Book on Getting Things Done)
  • Look at the banned books list and be a rebel.

Challenge Yourself

The great thing about reading is that it is endless. You can find out whatever you want, learn about any topic, and be mentored by any individual you desire.  How wonderful is that?

I would love to help you out with this challenge as well, by offering you this fun digital freebie!  This hyperlinked digital book log can help you keep track of your challenge!  Keep checking back for my 100 books reading log coming soon.  You could also print it out and fill it out that way as well if you are someone who doesn’t like things digital! Click on the image below to download.

30 Book Challenge; hyperlinked book log!; Linked to review pages where you can add you own notes; works in .pdf note apps like GoodNotes5; pictures of iPad; creating time for life.

I hope you have fun making your way through this list.  Now, Let me know a book that you enjoyed in this challenge!  Leave a comment if you are interested in me creating a Facebook Group for this challenge as well!

If you are a book worm who doesn’t need a new challenge but would love an interesting way to keep track of your books, check out my digital book log/journal here!

Digital Reading Journal

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