About Me

Woman in glasses smiling

Hi, I’m Stephanie! Let me introduce myself:


Most may start their about me with the who, but it is my absolute belief that we should always start with why. So why does this site exist?

Honestly, I’m disheartened by what I see happening with people right now. Even before the disaster of 2020, I saw so many women around me spiraling. Stressed out, not putting themselves first, overwhelmed with what they had to do in the day-to-day. I was in that spiral as well. By December of 2020, I weighed in at 200 pounds, I lost my mom to COVID that October, I was remote teaching, I was kind of working out but not committed like normal, and I was swimming in a crazy amount of stuff to do every day with not enough time to do it.

I absolutely needed to change, and I see people around me who could absolutely benefit from the things that helped me lose 30+ pounds and keep it off, get control of my to-do list, not feel so stressed about work, have time for my family and feel like I have the choice in how I want to spend my time.


The picture above is the real me! My fancy family pic is not my day-to-day reality. You’ve caught me on a special occasion day if there is any type of makeup on my face. I’m a ponytail wearing, legging or booty short (FLEOs are my favorite) wearing, CrossFit loving, mom, wife, and teacher. I figure that if you clicked through to see the about me page, you deserve the authentic me. Actually, everything I write is all me, and most who know me personally know that what they see is what they get.

I love helping people and teaching and coaching. I’m an elementary music teacher by day, a CrossFit L-1 trainer by night/weekend, and a friend all the time. I’m also a wife and mom to a fantastic husband and wonderful little girl.


Life is too short to waste time with people and things that are not lifting you up and helping you live out your life’s purpose.

We are all capable of greatness!

This blog’s purpose is to help people be awesome, with special consideration of my fellow women… whether you’re single, married, have five children, have no children, work out in the world, or work at home. I myself struggle with the balance of all things, but through educating myself and reflecting have realized that it is all about choices. Yes, there are only 24 hours in a day, but we have the ultimate choice in how we spend those hours. For example, right now, did you happen upon this page because of mindless scrolling, or were you searching for change and inspiration in your life? One choice is making you lose time, but the other could lead you to create time for your life!

It is my hope that you learn and grow from all of the information available here.


I’m set in the west suburbs of Chicago and grew up in the burbs most of my life.


As mentioned in my why, this came about because of the life I found myself in at the end of 2020. I launched my site in November of 2021, and hope to keep it up and help others for many years to come!

Now, enough about me… get to reading and get to acting.

Go do something extraordinary today!